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Respect for our environment

As Cyprus welcomes an ever-growing number of visitors every year, the importance of sustainability becomes a top priority. Only by managing and minimizing the impact of tourism on our island can we hope to maintain its beauty and value as a destination.

Our interest in environmental conservation is not reduced to words and statements – quite the contrary. Kanika Hotels & Resorts implements strict policies to achieve clear-cut goals. In particular, Amavi has set its sights on becoming the first hotel in Cyprus to receive the prestigious EU Ecolabel which recognises its environmental commitment and accomplishments.

Many criteria for Ecolabel certification have already been met, from automatic switching off of lights and air-conditioning, and regulating the water flow in the bathrooms, to donating used textiles and furniture to charities and sharing information on environment-friendly measures with our guests.

Amavi Hotel meets EU Ecolabel criteria.


At the same time, our in-room automation system delivers a win-win solution for guests and the environment. Examples include curtains that open and close automatically, and veranda lights that are turned off during daytime. Such measures are designed to maximize comfort levels while minimizing energy waste. By involving guests in our efforts, we aim to ensure sustainability for the benefit of generations to come.

Similarly, the other members of Kanika Hotels & Resorts – Alexander the Great in Paphos, Elias Beach Hotel in Limassol and the Olympic Lagoon Resorts in Agia Napa and Paphos – have demonstrated equal commitment to sustainable tourism and have implemented all the requirements and measures of the Travelife Gold Award.

Our commitment to operating our hotels in a responsible way is deeply rooted in our company’s values, which translate into services, supplies and an overall product that is environmentally sound, while reducing the environmental impact of our day-to-day operations and our supply chain.

With an eye on the latest developments in sustainable tourism and a finger on the pulse of the leisure travel market, we seek innovative solutions that will satisfy both and allow us to grow as a conscientious and reliable leader in the Cyprus hospitality industry.

Serving the community

As a member of the leading group of hotels in Cyprus, the Amavi is well aware of its responsibility to set an example within the local hotel industry, and to express its appreciation for the support of the community that helps us maintain our reputat [...]

It all starts with our people

From the management to the frontline staff, we aim to offer you hospitality with a personal touch, because it’s that valuable human-to-human approach and discreet attention that will make your holiday special and your stay at the Amavi memorable.