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Evera Indoor pool

The Evera Indoor Pool is yet another option for easy floating, quiet relaxation or refreshing exercise. On any day, in any weather, the elegant interiors and luxurious furnishing make this area an inviting combination of pool and lounge.

About Evera indoor pool

As an integral part of the Evera Fitness Club, the indoor pool has its individual charm. Designed to offer you the benefits of water-based exercise in any season, the pool area is as comfortable as it is pleasing to the eye. Add it to your options for quiet moments, or to round off your fitness workout, or even for a quick pre-breakfast swim that is closer than the outdoor pools. You’ll be amazed how refreshing and uplifting a quick dip can be!

Opening Hours:

08:00am – 07:00pm

The beach

The Amavi hotel’s majestic beach is only matched by enchasing sunsets while the waves lapping on the shore. Clean, soft and seduced, this beach makes for easy strolling in the dazzling Mediterranean sunlight.

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