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29 January 2019

Theodor Falser: The Amavi’s Culinary Icon

Whether you’re lounging by the seafront Saffire pool, cocooning yourselves in comfort at the sumptuous Evera spa and wellness facilities, or simply delighting in another romantic Mediterranean sunset from the balcony of your private suite, every detail of this custom-made resort is flawlessly designed to create unique, couples only time. And that extends to the hotel’s gourmet fare: exquisite menus, each intricately crafted by the hotel’s consultant chef: multi-award winning, Michelin-starred Theodor Falser!

A world-renowned culinary icon with a host of accolades to his name, Theodor has worked closely with the Amavi’s superb team of chefs to craft dishes so sublime and flavoursome that each mealtime promises a supreme celebration of the senses. Working only with the finest, freshest ingredients, and employing locally-grown produce, Theodore’s use of eclectic tastes and epicurean techniques delights even the most refined palate.

My objective, is to create the best culinary experience and everlasting memories for my guests. For me the only way is ‘Taste Nature’.

This idea is a theme Theodor has long ascribed to. Throughout his distinguished career – which has taken him from his birthplace in South Tyrol to Switzerland, Oman, Dubai, China, Malaysia, Bermuda, Ecuador, and ultimately back to Italy where his unrivalled style of haute cuisine earned him his Michelin ranking – his menus have always reflected time-honoured techniques such as brine, fermentation, and specialised drying, as well as an innate passion for the natural, local, and seasonal.

Having dedicated months of his priceless time to collaborating with the talented team at the hotel, Theodor’s continued partnership with the Amavi has brought world-class gastronomy to the region; his delectable, hand-crafted creations conferring the wow-factor to the cuisine of both the Immenso and Nocturne restaurants.

“Our aim,” reveals Amavi management team, “was to collaborate with a hand-picked Michelin-starred chef who could give these two restaurants that wow-factor. The results – and the whole Half Board Premium dine-around concept developed by our award-winning team of executive chefs and sommeliers – are unlike anything else on the island or beyond.”

Bearing Theodor’s gourmet signature, the concept of Half-Board premium balances buffet meals with waiter served fine dining and fusion menus to deliver an exquisite culinary journey. A journey made, of course, for two – because any visit to this 5-star resort, the most luxurious of couples’ getaways, is a stay to be savoured. Here at the Amavi, you can literally enjoy the taste of heaven.

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