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20 March 2018

Sunset in Paphos

Sunset… it is the subject of countless paintings, photographs and poetry lines. A natural phenomenon that has charmed mankind since the beginning of time and never loses its novelty. A sunset in Paphos offers just that.

But what is it that makes sunsets so special? Some say the sheer beauty of a sunset stimulates the pleasure centres in our brain. Others are a bit more philosophical, seeing it as the transition from day to night, a signal to let go of the worries of the day and prepare for rest. Most people, by far, sense the romance in this union of the sun and the sea. Whatever the case, this magical experience always warms our souls with its glow.

And yet, not all sunsets are created equal; much like humans, no two are the same. They change with the seasons, the cloud formations, and the setting. This is where Paphos sunsets speak their own and very special language – the language of the heart. Even permanent residents of Paphos who are lucky enough to witness the sun slipping into the sea every evening are regularly mesmerized by the ever changing prelude to twilight.

Best sunset to see in Paphos.


Enjoying the sunset in Paphos

To share that experience, follow their recommendations and visit some of the district’s key locations and see for yourself. If you’re staying at the Amavi, you’ll have a prime example on day one of your visit, when your first Paphian sunset frames the Medieval Castle for you to enjoy from your hotel room or most other public areas. The Paphos Lighthouse washed in red will also be a highlight of every evening.

Make the effort to explore your surroundings beyond the resort centre and the sunsets at the Edro shipwreck in Peyia or at Aphrodite’s Rock (Petra tou Romiou) will have you reaching for your phone and sharing photos on social media within seconds! Possibly even more dramatic are the photos you can take at the Peyia sea caves or even further at Akamas, the nature reserve that stretches into the sapphire Mediterranean.

Potima Bay north of Paphos between Kissonerga and Coral Bay is a well-known magnet for sunset lovers – something the Kissonerga municipality has responded to by installing benches at the most popular sunset viewpoints. Drive up into the hills, and the view will be elevated to another level, prompting yet another series of snapshots to capture the magic of the moment.

And ‘moment’ is the key word: the fact that sunsets don’t last, that the ‘process’ is complete in minutes, makes it one of nature’s most concise performances, always accompanied by a warning that you might just miss it. Watch the spectacle from beginning to end and you will enjoy scenes that change from one moment to the next, as the fiery ball sinks into sea, leaving a blaze of red and orange behind.

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